faqs about sub letting your caravan at Silverbow

Questions About Letting your Caravan

Answers to Questions about Sub-Letting Your Caravan


What are my letting options?

Owners of holiday lodges and static caravans purchased at Silverbow are allowed to sub-let their holiday homes and generate an income to help re-coup the costs of the purchase and to pay the annual fees. The owner of the caravan is responsible for the letting process, all financial aspects of any sub-letting, the behaviour of their customers on the park and the cleaning of their own properties. Many parks that are owner only do not allow sub-letting; this is not the case at Silverbow Country Park with our static caravans and holiday lodges available to buy on site in Cornwall.


Can friends and family stay in my caravan?

Friends and family are always welcome on the park either as day visitors or to stay overnight. Whilst on the park, any friend, family or paying guests are the responsibility of the holiday homeowner and are subject to the terms and conditions of your licence agreement and the park rules. We hope that all our owners, their family, friends, and guests enjoy a wonderful holiday in a beautiful location and our park rules are designed to benefit all of our customers.


Can I have a dog stay in my caravan?

Silverbow Country Park is a dog friendly holiday park, and we have specific rules relating to any pets that stay in caravans for the protection of your property, the park, other guests and the animals themselves. Consent must be requested before any pet is brought onto the park and dogs must be always kept on leads, with the exception of the dog walking field. All mess must be cleared up immediately.


When can I stay in my caravan?

Silverbow Country Park has an 11-month licence to operate and closes at the beginning of January and opens again at the beginning of February, exact dates vary year to year. Traditionally, holiday parks would open at the beginning of April or on Easter weekend if that falls into March, they would then close at the end of October. Many holiday parks now operate for longer periods as holiday homes are now being built with features such as double glazing, insulation and central heating and are suitable for use in the winter months. Holiday parks only open for a maximum of 11 months of a year to ensure that they are not used for full time residential purposes.