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Questions About Caravans and Lodges

Answers to All of Your Questions about Static Caravans and Holiday Lodges

Should I buy a static caravan?

Purchasing a static caravan is a big decision with a large cost and a commitment to long term ownership and costs. Only consider buying a holiday home on a park if you can afford the cost of repayments on a loan or have the money to pay in full.


What is a static caravan?

Static caravans are holiday homes that do not move much during their useable lifetimes but have wheels. Typically, a static caravan will be significantly larger than a touring caravan, therefore it is unsuitable for towing. A static holiday home will tend to arrive direct from the manufacturer or specialist static caravan dealership onto a holiday park, where it will reside until the end of its lease agreement which is normally anywhere between 12-15 years. Static caravans have spacious living areas, up to 4 bedrooms and most come fitted with double glazing and central heating which makes them suitable for use all year round.


What are the best quality caravans?

We are incredibly lucky in that some of the best static caravans in the world are manufactured here in the UK. Silverbow Country Park has static caravans for sale supplied by three of the leading manufacturers, ABI, Atlas and Swift. We have long standing relationships with all three manufacturers, and we believe that they offer the best value for money, highest quality of build and have the largest range of models to suit our customers.


Should I buy a holiday lodge or a static caravan?

The biggest difference between buying a holiday lodge or a static caravan tends to be the cost. As a rule, a brand-new holiday lodge is significantly more expensive than a static caravan. On the flip side, the lease for a lodge is typically around 30 years from new, for a static caravan, this will be anywhere between 12- 15 years from new. Lodges are typically larger than a static caravan and come with a range of optional extras and some are even built to residential specification.


Can I buy a lodge to live in?

Although holiday homes can be built to residential specification and can therefore be lived in all year round, many holiday parks will stipulate in their licence agreement that owners can only use their caravan or lodge for holiday use. To comply with the licence agreement, holiday parks may ask owners for proof of a permanent place of residence if they believe that a person is using a holiday lodge to live in permanently.


What should I look for when buying a static caravan?

Cost is the major factor when buying a static caravan, know your budget and stick to it. Size and specification are important, ensure that you have enough bedrooms or living space to accommodate your expected needs. The length of the license is also a consideration, static caravans on parks tend to become cheaper as they get older, and the number of years left on the license decreases. The position of the caravan on a park is also important, families may want to be near facilities and others might want to be in quiet areas of the park with fewer people and cars passing by. Ideally, you should always visit several caravans on different parks as every buyer has different priorities.


How long does a static caravan last?

Static caravans can last for many years if they are well maintained, many holiday parks will have a license that allows you to keep your caravan on a park for a specific number of years. The typical license term is between 12-15 years for a new static caravan and 30 years for a new holiday lodge. The holiday park may extend the license at their discretion, usually for one year at a time. Licenses are designed to maintain a quality level of holiday homes on a park to keep a high standard. At the end of the license, holiday homes can then be sold to used static caravan dealers like SBL caravan centre who will then sell the caravans on, usually for use on private land.


What is included when I buy a caravan?

Static caravans can come with a vast range of extras and what is included in the cost usually depends on whether you are buying a new caravan that has already been sited or if you are buying a new caravan with additional extras that is to be supplied direct from the manufacturer or dealership. Buying a new caravan yet to be sited provides you with a vast range of features and optional extras to choose from such as fully insulated, double glazed caravans with central heating. Exterior options such as decking are typically determined by the holiday park rather than the manufacturer.


Is there Wifi in my caravan?

All the holiday homes at Silverbow Country Park come with wired wifi so you can enjoy permanent and high-quality internet access. As a rule, most parks now provide some form of Wifi for owners, the quality level varies, and it is more difficult for parks to supply Wifi in remote areas. Wifi supplied on holiday parks is not suitable for business use as non-wired Wifi tends to be slower than a dedicated Wifi supply.


Does my caravan come with decking?

Caravans for sale on site at Silverbow Country Park typically have decking to the front and the door access side of the caravan. Caravans and lodges that are purchased through the site as new from our suppliers will have decking fitted. The amount of space around a caravan is usually the determining factor on many parks as to whether decking can be supplied. Where parking is next to the caravan and space is limited, the pitch may not be suitable.


What are static caravan owners’ legal rights in the UK?

There are no specific legal rights or legislation that relates to static caravan ownership in the UK. Therefore, your lease and contract details are especially important as they protect you and the holiday park and form the primary legal relationship between a static caravan owner and the park. Before signing any lease, an owner should fully read and understand the contents of the lease and if you are unsure about anything, seek legal advice. Many holiday parks such as Silverbow Country Park are members of the National Caravan Council (the NCC) and operate within guidelines set by the NCC to treat customers fairly. Purchasing a static caravan on a park that is a member of the NCC is the best way of ensuring that a park operates within the industry guidelines.