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Questions About Dealing with Silverbow Country Park

Looking to Buy a Holiday Home at Silverbow Country Park, Here are Some Answers to Help You


Can I book an appointment to view a caravan?

You can always book an appointment to view a caravan or holiday lodge for sale at Silverbow Country Park. We have a team that are available on site to answer any questions and allow you to view our holiday homes for sale. You can provide us with your details through our Book an Appointment form and we will contact you directly to arrange a suitable time and date for your visit. We always welcome visitors to our holiday park to view our caravans.


Can I pick the location on the park for my caravan?

As Silverbow Country Park is being re-developed to a high standard, we will have vacant pitches in certain areas of the park where new owners can reserve a plot and buy a caravan or holiday lodge through Silverbow to be sited on that plot. This is subject to the pitch being suitable for the caravan or lodge that you want to put on the plot in terms of size and access.


How do I buy a caravan at Silverbow Country Park?

Holiday lodges and static caravans at Silverbow are available to buy through the team at our park office. We always recommend that a potential purchaser visits the park before making any purchasing decisions. If you have visited the park and would like to purchase a holiday home, please contact us to arrange a meeting at your preferred time.


What happens when the park is closed?

The park is legally required to close for one month in a year which will be from the beginning of January to the beginning of February. During this period, the park will be fully closed to all owners and overnight stays at the park are not permitted. The permanent staff at the park will remain and carry out winter maintenance and ensure that the park is kept safe and secure.