Caravan ownership and maintenance

Questions About Caravan Ownership

Answers to Your Questions About Caravan Maintenance and Ownership


What if I want to sell my caravan?

You own your holiday home and are free to sell it at any time. In the first instance you may want to discuss with Surf Bay Leisure buying the caravan back from you at an agreed price. We also offer a Sale on Behalf Scheme whereby for a fee, we act as an agent and advertise and sell your holiday home for you. Alternatively, you can sell your caravan yourself. Please note that if you decide to sell your holiday home yourself, the caravan cannot be sold for use on park. It must be removed when sold and the cost of disconnecting, de-siting and transporting the holiday home lies with the owner.


How long can my caravan stay sited at Silverbow Country Park?

All holiday lodges and static caravans at Silverbow have a specific number of years on the lease agreement. This is primarily determined by the age of the holiday home and if it is a lodge or a static caravan.


How do I maintain my caravan?

Caravans are reasonably simple to maintain, there are not any specific extra skills required to maintain a caravan. All caravans need to have a gas safety check annually carried out by a Gas Safe registered engineer if you have a gas supply. This is a legal requirement and is essential for any kind of use. Electrical testing and PAT testing is a legal requirement for all electrical appliances if you are going to be sub-letting your holiday home.

While modern static holiday homes are equipped to operate normally throughout the winter, if you are not using it for a period in the winter it will be vulnerable to mould, mildew, and vermin as well as water damage caused by the cold.

Static holiday homes and holiday lodges with central heating and combi boilers have two water circuits: fresh water and water/anti-freeze mix. The latter circuit is sealed. The drain down procedure applies to the freshwater circuit, which you must follow very carefully. To ensure 100% drain down, we recommend that you use an experienced engineer to blow all the domestic water out of the system with professional equipment. Please note that the sealed circuit containing a water and anti-freeze mix SHOULD NOT be drained down, we recommend that you set the boiler on the frost setting if it has one.

At Silverbow we offer a Drain Down Service which includes reconnecting on your return to the park, please speak to us about this year’s prices and booking in as spaces are limited.


How do I prevent damp?

Damp in modern caravans is not as much of an issue as with older caravans as they are better ventilated and insulated. If you are leaving your caravan during the winter months, a great idea is to just leave out bowls of salt as they naturally absorb moisture in the air. If a caravan is not being used, there will naturally be a low level of moisture in the air anyway and this simple measure helps to prevent damp.

Stand cushions on end, prop open wardrobes, cupboards, and interconnecting doors, empty fridge & freezer and prop open the door to ensure good air circulation. Remove all bedding. Vacuum storage bags are useful for bedding, blankets, clothes, and cushions you need to leave in your Holiday Home.


Should I have a carbon monoxide alarm?

Having a carbon monoxide alarm in a caravan really is a necessity, if you sub-let a caravan then you will need a carbon monoxide alarm to protect your guests. They are relatively cheap now and long lasting, even if you do not sub-let your caravan, you should always have a good quality carbon monoxide alarm.


Do I need a TV licence?

As all caravans at Silverbow Country Park are not the main residence then you should not need a tv licence. This would be the case for most holiday parks that have static caravans to buy that are not available as a permanent residence.